In the good old days, sometime in the 80's, a woman with no plan, vision, or formal education embarked on an unplanned journey into the unknown and opened a humble takeaway business, which today is known as Mariams Kitchen.

Mariam, lovingly known  as 'Apa' (Big Sister) to the community, opened a small takeaway in Salt river, using her passion of food to capture the taste-buds of everyone who tasted her mouth watering food. Before long, corporate business people and factory workers were enjoying the food served at what is now known as Mariams Kitchen. This was the beginning of a long journey filled with love, gains, losses, travels and lots more. As is said, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." This was Mariams first of many, many steps.

The food at Mariams Kitchen was devoured, always leaving the one eating wondering when they will eat this great meal again. Mariams Kitchen saw many locations as it grew over the years, and Mariams hard-work, dedication and love for food paid off when she formally opened her first official branch named Mariams Kitchen in Cape Town CBD. At this point, her sons were old enough to join the family business, strengthening her workforce, which up till this point, was only herself (and a few workers). Mariam instilled in one and all that worked for her, that great quality food and sublime customer service is what will bring success. Till this day, that is the pillar Mariams Kitchen stands on, which is evident by the now six branches under the umbrella of Mariams Kitchen.

Mariam has enforced from the word go, that quality will not be compromised, regardless of the cost of goods ever increasing. One can always rely on getting consistent, great-tasting food at Mariams Kitchen, time after time, year after year. Mariams Kitchen is proudly South African and we thank you, our loyal supporters for seeing us through this most memorable journey. Without our customers we would not have come this far.